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Meet our Seedling Child Staff!





Web & Graphic Designer

Stacey Hanover   Founder, C.E.O., President

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Tom Hanover     C.F.O.

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The teachers are responsible for the care and education of the children in the Program. Teachers plan and implement curriculum and work with Parents or Legal Guardians to assess the needs of individual children. Teachers are responsible for maintaining a stimulating and safe learning environment. Our goal is to provide care that is nurturing and responsive to each child’s needs.


As a licensed child care facility, the school is governed by the California Regulations of Title 22. Our teachers meet or exceed all of the educational requirements required for teaching professionals specified in Title 22.


Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, and offer unique talents

to The Seedling Child Program. Our teachers have undergraduate or graduate degrees, or are currently enrolled in college courses. We encourage professional growth and training for our staff, and offer support in their ongoing efforts

to enhance their credentials and broaden their areas of expertise.

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